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Our pets can suffer with anxiety all year round. In the UK, 82% (PDSA PAW Report 2018) of dogs are reported to be scared of something.

Whether this is due to travelling, meeting new people, going to the vets, fears of loud noises, the hoover, living in a stressful environment...the list goes on!

ADAPTIL has been around for over 20 years helping dogs cope with anxiety but there are still many that are not aware about what can be done and what products can be used. We want to raise awareness all about these issues and highlight that there is something you can do to help your pet. 

Whether this be taking them to see a qualified behaviourist or trainer, amend your pets resources to help them with a supporting product. The point is you are not alone and there is something you can be done.

If you need further information and advice, take a look at our Blog, from

You'll find topics with specific expert tips to help your training and improve your bond with your dog.

Take a look at our Calming Music for Dogs Playlist on YouTube for 15 hours of relaxing sounds. 

Dog Calming Solutions

ADAPTIL have a range of products to help your dog.

Studies using the Calm Home Diffuser has proven to reduce the following stress-related behaviours:

  • 65% Less Barking
  • 91% Less Destruction
  • 75% Soiling
  • 93% Trembling & Hiding during fireworks and thunderstorms.

The Diffuser provides up to 30 days of constant support, it's easy to use and replace the refill.

More information on clinical studies of ADAPTIL Calming Solutions can be found here: Clinically Proven.

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  1. Professional help

    Helping your dog cope with their anxiety is not always a simple fix. It can be really beneficial to understand further why your dog reacts in a certain way, this is the best way to help your dog in the long term. 

    We would always advise either visiting the APBC or the ABTC to find a list of regulated professionals to help you on your journey. If you are ever concerned about your dog please also visit your vet, some behavioural issues can be down to a health issue, they will be able to help you eliminate any potential causes. 

    Also...Do not give up!! You will have good and bad days, the important things is to keep going.

  2. How can ADAPTIL help?

    ADAPTIL is clinically proven to help dogs cope with their anxieties. Whether this be worried about being left home alone, people, traffic & road fears, loud noises etc.

    Depending on your situation, it will influence the best ADAPTIL product for you.

    If the anxieties are:

    At home (such as loud noises or home alone issues) we recommend the ADAPTIL Diffuser

    Out and about (such as traffic, walking, training or staying away from home) we recommend the ADAPTIL Collar

    Short term (such as car travel) we recommend the ADAPTIL Transport Spray

    New puppy (such as night crying, socialisation and training) we recommend the ADAPTIL Junior Collar

  3. Best Advice

    Finding the best advice is not always easy. We have listed below some our recommended websites when you are in search of further information:

  4. Keep the big bang away!

    • To muffle the sounds, it may be best to have your dog in an internal room which is more protected from the sound and flashes.​
    • Close all curtains, windows and doors and mask the sound with music, the TV or white noise.
    • Provide cuddles when your dog comes to you to look for support.

We recommend:

Appeasing pheromones to comfort and calm your dog

ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser
The ideal solution to help your dog stay calm and adapt at home. Perfect for: Staying home alone Loud noises, e.g. fireworks Fears Reaction to changes, such as visitors   Up to 30 days of calm at home.

Easy to use adjustable collar to support your dog on the go

ADAPTIL Calm Collar
The great solution to help your dog stay calm and adapt, wherever they are. Perfect for: Loud noises outdoors General fears Training Staying home alone    S -  Fits up to 37.5cm M/L - Fits up to 62.5cm   Up to  4 weeks of...
  • Recommended by veterinarians

  • Seen on TV

  • 25 clinical studies published

  • 20+ years of expertise


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ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser
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