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Easy to use

  • Just plug and play: screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.

  • Leave the diffuser switched on continuously.
ADAPTIL Calm Collar

ADAPTIL Calm Collar


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ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser

ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser


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ADAPTIL Calm Refill

ADAPTIL Calm Refill


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How will ADAPTIL Calm help my dog?

Cats appreciate being in control of a stable environment. Yet our modern lifestyles sometimes run counter to this need - our cats are not fans of our hectic, social and ever-changing lives!

Some changes in our lives can affect our cats:

the arrival of new people or animals in the household,
changes to our homes and apartments, such as new decoration, new furniture, or moving them,
the moves.

In fact, even the most innocuous changes can stress cats, such as new smells on our clothes. Some cats show obvious signs that they are struggling to overcome these changes. These signs usually take the form of:

urine marking
scratches on furniture or walls
an increased need to hide
tensions and conflicts between cats that live together.

The signs are sometimes less obvious in other cats. They are then expressed by a decrease in activity, a loss of appetite or excessive washing.

Thanks to the advanced message of its new pheromonal complex, FELIWAY Optimum reassures cats with a message of reinforced serenity. This global message helps cats feel even more comfortable and safe in their homes. The cats are reassured, just as those who live together can once again live in harmony.

That's why FELIWAY Optimum will make your cat even happier and improve your relationship with him even more!


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