Continue the calm with Recurring Deliveries from ADAPTIL

How Does it Work

1. Select your desired product & quantity.

2. Choose how often you want deliveries. This can be every 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 months.

3. Add your products to the shopping cart & checkout as usual.

Easily amend, swap, skip or even cancel your subscription.

We'll send you a reminder before processing each order in case you want to make any changes.

To access the subscription portal, simply click on the button below, there is no need to create an account you just need access to the email you set the subscription up with. You can also find a button for the Subscription Portal via the Login button at the top of any page.

Subscription Portal

Need help with your subscription? Check out our FAQs below

Subscribe & Save FAQs

Will I be reminded before an order is sent?

Yes – we will email you 3 days before your recurring order will
be processed; you will have 48 hours to make any amendments to the order.

You will also get a confirmation order once the order has
been processed you won’t be able to make any changes at this point.

How do I skip my subscription?

By skipping a subscription order, your order will not be processed,
and you won’t be charged.

A new order will be generated that follows your subscription order frequency.
For example, if you are set to receive a product every 3 months, and you skip
an order for January 3rd, your next order will be processed on March 3rd. You
won’t be charged for an order until it is processed.

In the subscription portal select the “skip” button
and confirm by selecting “Yes, skip this order”.

How do I reschedule my subscription?

In the subscription portal select the “reschedule
button you can choose to delay your next subscription order by 1 or 2 weeks,
alternatively you can pick your own date by choosing the “choose a specific date”.

How do I cancel?

If you have too much product or simply need a break you don’t
need to cancel you can skip, pause or reschedule your subscription.

To cancel follow the below steps:

1. Once in the subscription portal head to “manage your subscription

2. Select the subscription you wish to cancel

3. Click on “Cancel subscription” at the bottom of the page and follow
the cancellation flow, we may ask for feedback so that we can keep improving
the customer experience.

If you have too much product or simply need a break you don’t
need to cancel you can skip or reschedule your subscription.

How do I update my address?

If you only have one item on subscription simply select “edit
” in the subscription portal to update your address.

If you have more than 1 subscription go to “Address & Payment details
tab then “Manage Addresses” to edit your address once otherwise you may
have to update each subscription item.

My payment was declined.

If your payment
method had insufficient funds, we will reattempt payment again in 24 hours. If
you would prefer payment is taken on a different date you can reschedule your

If you have recently
received a new bank card, you will need to update your payment details.

If everything is up to date and sufficient funds are available, we would advise
contacting your bank to ensure the payment is being allowed.

How do I update payment details?

In the subscription portal

- Go to the “Address & payment details” tab

- Select “Manage payment methods

- You will be presented with your current payment details select “Edit
you will then be prompted to sent a secure link to your email.

- You will be then sent an email with a link to the secure payment portal where
you can edit your payment details as well as your billing address.

How do I add or change subscription products?

To change your subscription to another product simply cancel
your current subscription, add the new subscription item to your cart and
checkout as normal to create a new subscription.

To add a product to your subscription, add the new
subscription item to your cart and checkout as normal to create a new subscription.
You can reschedule your subscription so they are processed at the same time if
you wish.

Alternatively, contact us at

Having an issue with your subscription?

Our team will be happy to help contact us here : customer support