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How to help calm your dog during fireworks when you can plan ahead​

  1. Help your dog feel calmer during fireworks with ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser

    • Can help to reduce fear and anxiety during loud noises in dogs.
    • Clinically proven to help reduce signs of fear such as trembling and hiding by 93%.
    • Proven to see results in 7 days.
    • Best results seen when used for at least one month.
  2. Create a safe place in your home

    • Create a super cosy den! Ideally this would be created in a spot which is usually your dog's favoured resting place with comfortable blankets and bedding.
    • Make it very positive by including their favourite toys or other distractions, such as a chew toy or tasty treats!
    • Play Calming Music for Dogs.
  3. Prevent escapes

    • Keep your dog inside during the displays, this will prevent them running away when spooked.
    • Ensure all exits and fences are secure.
    • Make sure your dog has an updated name tag and their microchip is updated on a properly fitting collar so you can quickly be reunited with your dog if they did escape.
  4. Keep the big bang away!

    • To muffle the sounds, it may be best to have your dog in an internal room which is more protected from the sound and flashes.​
    • Close all curtains, windows and doors and mask the sound with music, the TV or white noise.
    • Provide cuddles when your dog comes to you to look for support.

We recommend:

Appeasing pheromones to comfort and calm your dog

ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser


To wrap around your dog's body, for immediate calming effect

  • Recommended by vets

  • Seen on TV

  • 25 clinical studies published

  • 20+ years of expertise



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ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser

Tips from the experts on preparing your dog for fireworks

Fireworks season again! The bangs and bright, flashing lights of fireworks are stressful for many dogs (OVER 50%! Of them)​

Behaviourists recommend that it is best to prepare for the fireworks season early to help your dog to cope as well as they can. Preparing can help them feel safe, secure and reassured as much as possible.

Our expert advice to help you prepare and help your dog stay calm around fireworks.

Create a safe haven for your dog: a place they can retreat to and feel safe and calm. You can do many things to create an area for your dog.

  • Cover a crate or build a hiding place with comfy blankets and bedding and it's better to select a place they usually like to rest to do this. Our dog trainer says: dogs like to be covered so having a blanket or sheet over this area to make it den-like is a good idea.
  • You can include an old T-shirt of yours or have their favourite toys nearby.

Our vet's tip: use rewards to help your dog associate that area with good things before fireworks are expected. You could use a tasty calming treat like ADAPTIL Chew, their favourite chew toy, praise...

What can I use to help my dog feel more relaxed during fireworks?

Using ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser will help your dog feel calm and relaxed during fireworks. It is clinically proven to reduce the signs of stress seen when fireworks are going off. It's very helpful if you can plan ahead, get ready before fireworks season and plug in a few days beforehand, so your dog is calm in advance.

You can also try ThunderShirt calming vest, especially if you cannot plan ahead. It provides an immediate calming effect, your dog will relax quicklyJust pop the vest on and it will sit snugly around the dog’s body.

We recommend building positive associations with ThunderShirt so they know it means 'relaxation' whenever they see it. This helps to keep your dog from associating ThunderShirt with a scary event like fireworks. 

Top Tips for Using a ThunderShirt

Put ThunderShirt in your laundry basket for a day or two so it absorbs your scent, and smells familiar to your pet. They’ll immediately feel more comfortable with ThunderShirt since it reminds them of you.

Associate ThunderShirt with treats. When you first show ThunderShirt to your pet, have treats on and around it that they will find as they discover the jacket. You could use ADAPTIL Chew as it's a fast calming delicious soft chew your dog will enjoy!

Repeat if your pet is still hesitant. If your pet is especially sensitive or anxious, you might repeat this introduction a few times on consecutive days before you even try putting ThunderShirt on your dog.

Some other tips from our Dog trainer:

Go for a walk earlier so that there is little chance of going outside when fireworks are going off and your dog being spooked. Also, to avoid any association with the dark and fireworks occurring don’t walk your dog after dark or allow them to go outside during the dark and fireworks.

Let your dog out in the garden regularly while it’s quiet and light before any fireworks could start. It should help them avoid needing to go out to toilet until the fireworks are finished.

If your dog will need a toilet break before you usually get up, schedule a trip outside in the early morning.

How to help your dog with unexpected fireworks

  1. How to help your dog if Fireworks take you by surprise

    Preparing for Fireworks is preferable as it is the best way to help your dog cope. But as the season can go on into the New Year and there are other reasons to celebrate with fireworks, this is not always possible. ​

    This is our advice to follow if you are surprised with unexpected fireworks.

  2. Instant relief with ThunderShirt

    • A ThunderShirt can provide instant relief for your dog which makes it ideal to have ready for the unexpected bangs!
    • It works by providing gentle, calming pressure around your dog’s torso, much like swaddling a baby.
    • Ideally, you will have got your dog used to wearing a ThunderShirt beforehand. Make sure it’s a positive experience and do not always bring it out just for fireworks, otherwise your dog could build up a negative association.
    • We’ve seen ThunderShirt help 1M+ dogs worldwide.
  3. Muffle the noise and comfort them

    • Reassure your dog as they need - if they come for a cuddle and attention, your presence may be all they need. Don't force it, other dogs may prefer to be alone.
    • Turn the TV or Radio up to mask the sound. 
    • Close all the windows, doors, curtains/blinds.
  4. Try to distract them

    Ideally you want to take your dog's mind off what's going on. Try and get them to play wiht you, get out their favourite toy to see if you can interest them.

    • A chew toy or a food puzzle/activity feeder may capture their attention, especially if they are filled with high value treats.
  5. Combine Calming Solutions

    ADAPTIL and ThunderShirt can be used together for extra comfort. They work in different ways and compliment each other for extra support.

We recommend:

To wrap around your dog's body, for immediate calming effect

To give as a distraction, delicious treat, and fast calming




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