How to help stop your puppy crying at night

  1. Reduce puppy crying with ADAPTIL Junior

    ADAPTIL Junior provides a copy of the mother's comforting pheromones

    • These pheromones are clinically
      proven to reduce puppy crying at night. 
    • Improvement usually happens
      within the first week.
    • Continue to use for at least a month after adoption to see the best results and for your puppy to develop a longer
      established happy routine.
  2. Create the perfect "puppy bedroom"

    • Choose a warm and comfortable sleeping space for your puppy; somewhere they feel safe with a bit of quiet is ideal.
    • Place their comfy bed in this space; blankets and even a den like feature can help.
    • You could add something that smells of you in their bed, like an old T-shirt, as this is comforting.
  3. Prepare for bedtime

    • Establish a bedtime routine such as a walk or playtime and then a final toilet trip!
    • Don't forget short brain games or training are naturally tiring too!
    • Have some calm time, your high energy will rub off on them, a chew toy can encourage them to relax.
    • Wait until your pup is naturally
      sleepy before leaving them.
  4. What NOT to do!

    • If your puppy cries, check they
      are not in danger or needing to toilet, but try to avoid encouraging interaction. Just don't ignore them completely. A camera could be useful for this, so you can check in without disturbing them. 
    • Never use your puppy's bed as a place for them to go as a punishment, this will only build up a negative association. 

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Tips to help your puppy settle at night

Help! My puppy cries at night!

Puppies naturally need a lot of sleep, as they are growing and need to process all the things they are learning. However, your day and night routine is new to the.

They miss their mother and are used to sleeping snuggled up to their siblings. It takes time to settle into your lovely home and being on their own! The transition to a new family can be overwhelming for your newest member.

Don't forget, puppies will probably need a toilet trip at some point during the night too. So waking and crying out is their way to let you know.

How can I stop my puppy crying at night?

Establish a bedtime routine. Mealtime, playtime and a final trip out to toilet. Try not to overtire your puppy as they may then find it difficult to relax and get to sleep! Give them time to relax in their bed before leaving them - giving them a chew or toy can be helpful.

Check their sleeping area is warm and comfy and somewhere they feel secure. Your puppy may like some extra warmth from a hot water bottle or heat pad (just make sure they are able to move away from the heat if they choose too and that it is not too hot for them). A soft toy might become a favourite thing to snuggle up to too!

Don't ignore your puppy if they cry in the night. Being on their own is a scary thing, and it can be frightening to wake up somewhere different on your own for the first few nights! Your puppy needs to be helped to become independent at their pace; their confidence will grow if they feel secure.

Check if they need to toilet. Try to make the trip outside as functional as possible, avoiding too much interaction, to try and avoid them making the association that crying out results in attention from you.

Everyone in the household needs to be consistent with teaching your dog to sleep on their own during the night. Read How to stop a puppy from barking at night for more advice.

It can seem challenging if your puppy is crying at night (especially if you are not getting enough sleep yourself) - get advice from your local accredited dog trainer or behaviourist. 

How does ADAPTIL Junior help?

ADAPTIL Junior releases “appeasing messages” synthetic copies of the ones sent by their mother after birth. These naturally calm and reassure your new puppy just like when they were with their mother.

Using ADAPTIL Junior  is clinically proven to reduce the number of nights puppies create disturbance overnight. When you take your new puppy home, they leave these natural pheromones behind, which is why using an ADAPTIL Junior collar is so beneficial – they continue to get that comfort from their mum feeling! 

It will comfort your puppy during the night time and help your puppy learn faster to sleep through the night.

Where should my puppy sleep?

Some families find it works to have their puppy sleeping near to them initially. This can be comforting for them, and easier for you to keep an eye on them. Once they have settled into your home and are sleeping through the night you can gradually (at a pace that works for them!) move them to the place you want them to sleep in the future.

It can be useful for your puppy to start sleeping in a crate. Read our 6 things to remember when crate training a puppy to learn how to make a crate a safe and welcoming place for your pup.