Make car travel more relaxing for your dog with Adaptil Travel Essentials

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  1. ADAPTIL Transport is clinically proven to help your dog cope when traveling:

    Studies have shown:

    • 85% reduction of shaking.
    • 71% reduction of panting*.

    Easy to Use:

    • Spray in the car or on your dog's blanket / bedding just 15 minutes before your dog gets in. They will then receive up to 5 hours of comforting pheromones.
  2. You need to build up your dog

    You need to start small. Start with a stationary car and reward them for relaxed body language. When you feel they are comfortable, progress to having the engine one and when happy with this stage progress to taking short drives.

  3. Safety Tips

    • Make sure your dog is properly restrained for their (and your) safety
    • Options include a seatbelt harness, dog carrier, crate or dog guard.
    • Introduce your dog to the appropriate restraint so they have positive associations with it beforehand.
  4. Travel tips

    • Stop for exercise and toilet breaks every 2 hours.
    • Bring water for your dog with you.
    • Keep the car well ventilated.
    • Don't leave your dog unattended in the car.

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ADAPTIL Transport


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  • Recommended by veterinarians

  • Seen on TV

  • 25 clinical studies published

  • 20+ years of expertise



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ADAPTIL Transport

Tips to help your dog calm down in the car

Many dogs love car travel, but for some dogs, this can be quite stressful.

It is often easy to recognise if your dog is showing signs of travel anxiety. Any of these signs would be a good clue:

  • Agitation
  • Panting
  • Excessive salivation
  • Trembling
  • Barking or whining
  • Vomiting
  • Toileting
  • Attempting to escape or refusing to get in

Obviously if your dog is showing any of these signs, car journeys can be nightmare for both of you!

My dog hates the car. Help!

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to help your dog cope with car travel! Read our top training tips for car travel.

To start with, make sure your dog is comfortable with being around the car when it is parked up. Starting a way away from the car spend time playing together and reward your dog for remaining calm. Reward any positive interest they show in the car, but do not force them to get closer. Over time move this activity closer to the car, always checking that your dog remains comfortable. If not, move back further away.

Next, help your dog to associate being in the car with positive things (like treats!). Keep the sessions short, go at your dog's pace and allow your dog to become comfortable with the car before going on a car trip. In Happy Dog Expert Patrícia Darder's article How to reduce your dog's stress when travelling in a car, she explains positive training steps to help your dog associate the car with pleasant experiences.

During the training process, and for each journey, spray Adaptil Transport in the car, or on your dog's bedding 15 minutes before departure. Adaptil Transport has been clinically proven to reduce panting agitation and restless ness during travel.

NEVER spray directly on your dog. Always wait 15 min before introducing your dog near the sprayed area.

For dogs that need more support we recommend using ThunderShirt which applies gentle pressure to your dog as well as using ADAPTIL Transport in the car. You can also spray it on your dog's ThunderShirt!

Car travel safety

It is important that your dog is properly restrained in the car for safety reasons. There are different options available, such as car seat harnesses, dog carriers, crates and dog guards. 

Our trainer's tips: Get your dog used to the restraint you are planning to use at home, when they are relaxed, beforehand. Create positive associations with the restraint, so that your dog is comfortable to enter the crate or wear the harness, for example, when they are in the car. 

How to help dogs very fearful of car travel?

  1. How to help your dog get used to the car

    • Use time, when you not going anywhere to practice​.
    • Start by just being around the stationary car.​
    • Don't force them to get closer to the car. If they become uncomfortable, move away.​
    • Reward your dog for relaxed body language and get closer over time.
  2. Build up positive associations in the car

    • Start training with the car stationary and doors open.
    • Progress to shutting the doors, you being in the driving seat, having engine running before considering a very short trip.
    • Continue to reward and praise your dog as you move through the steps, always checking you are proceeding at a pace your dog is comfortable with.
  3. Use ThunderShirt and ADAPTIL Transport together

    Both products work in different ways and compliment each other to help calm your dog.

    • ThunderShirt is a calming wrap, helping your dog to feel more settled when in the car.
    • ThunderShirt’s patented design provides a calming effect by applying a gentle, constant pressure.

    Use ADAPTIL Transport for additional support :

    • on ThunderShirt
    • in the car
    • wait 15 minutes after spraying before your dog puts on their ThunderShirt or gets in the car.
  4. Seek professional advice

    It is always really beneficial to contact your vet for a check up to make sure that there are no underlying medical issues affecting your dog. This is especially important if the fear is a new one.​​

    Consult your local accredited dog trainer or behaviourist for a plan to understand your dog's travel anxiety and create a management plan.

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