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It is an exciting time when a puppy is brought home for the first time! However, it is also important to remember that is can be a confusing and daunting time for your baby pooch. They will have a lots to discover living in their new home with you, their new family. Here are some things to consider:


It's only natural that your puppy finds adjusting to their new family a challenge - they have left their mother and littermates and the humans they knew behind. Your pup was also receiving "appeasing messages" from their mum, that provided them with reassurance.

Take a look at our 10 Separation Anxiety Solutions to calm your your puppy.

New Home

Your home is a completely new environment for your puppy. There may be objects that seem scary and your pup doesn't have the security of their mum or littermates around.

Read how to help your puppy settle into their new home for some top tips.

Being alone

Your puppy will get to know you and your family in no time! In fact, you will soon mean the world to your pup, and they will want to be with you, whatever you are doing!

This means it can be worrying when you do need to leave them on their own for a short time. Plan ahead by reading our leaving your puppy home alone advice.


Your puppy has loads to learn! From the start you'll be teaching your pup about where (and when) they get fed, where their safe place to sleep is, where it's ok to toilet, and there's many other skills, like walking on a loose lead and coming back when called!

It's important to keep training times with your pup positive (and short!). Take a look at these 4 tips and techniques for positive puppy training to help.


When you are out and about together, your puppy will meet many unfamiliar dogs and people! Are you nervous about how your new pooch is going to react? Maybe they will be nervous or scared or perhaps they will be over-excited?

Read our should I go to a Puppy Party blog to find out the benefits of meeting and socialising with other people and pups.


Tested and approved by puppies and their parents

Adaptil Junior quickly and effectively reduces puppy stress-related behaviours after moving to their new home, with puppy parents reporting less disturbance over night*.

Adaptil Junior also improves the socialisation of puppies**. 79% of puppy parents rated their pup's socialisation as good or very good after wearing 2 consecutive ADAPTIL Junior collars.

*Gaultier et al (2008) Vet Rec 163: 73-80

**Denenberg and Landsberg (2008) JAVMA 233:1874-1882

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Helps comfort newly adopted puppies, calming them as they discover their new world and face possible stressful-situations such as loud noises and being home alone, as well as facilitating their learning.

How will ADAPTIL Junior help my puppy?

ADAPTIL Junior helps comfort newly adopted puppies, calming them as they discover their new world and face possible stressful situations such as loud noises and being home alone, as well as facilitating their learning.

Studies support the use of ADAPTIL Junior. One study* looked at how puppies settled into their new home over the first couple of weeks and new puppy parents found that ADAPTIL Junior reduced disturbances from their puppies overnight.

Another study** found that puppies wearing ADAPTIL Junior (2 collars over 8 weeks) were assessed as good or very good by their puppy parents (all puppies also attended 8 weeks of puppy training).

How does ADAPTIL Junior work?

Mother dogs release a natural "appeasing message" for their puppies whilst she is lactating which is called the Dog Appeasing Pheromone. This pheromone message helps her puppies to feel secure and supports bonding of the new family. It also helps puppies to have the confidence to explore and learn about the world around them.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone is odourless and only dogs can perceive the message. In fact, dogs of any age can detect the "appeasing message" of comfort and security provided by the Dog Appeasing Pheromone.

ADAPTIL Junior provides your pup with this appeasing pheromone. it contributes to their well-being, helps them adapt to their new surroundings and family and supports them when they face stressful situations, as well as facilitating their education.

ADAPTIL Junior helps puppies feel reassured and relaxed, as after all, everyday is a learning day for pups!

Many puppy parents start to see results within the first days, such as reduced disturbances during those first few nights in their new home. However, every pup is unique! Depending on your puppy's natural temperament and how worried they are by stressful situations, it may take longer to see an improvement.

If you are looking for a solution for puppy anxiety, find out how to use ADAPTIL Junior.

Expert Puppy Training Advice

Discover expert training tips and advice to support your new puppy. Find out from our clinical behaviourist how positive puppy training combined with ADAPTIL can help your puppy become the best they can be.

From the first car journey to meeting the family, Rosie share's her training techniques with new puppy Eric as he joins their busy household!


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