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Christmas Day - A Pooch's Point Of View

Written by ADAPTIL Expert, published on December 14, 2023

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Ever wanted to know what Christmas day is like from a dog’s perspective? Well, let me tell you how…

Oh, the joys that Christmas Day brings! It’s a time where people come together, whether families, friends or strangers. And for us dogs, we enjoy the hustle and bustle. With the excitement and love we see our owners feeling, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the moment. But on the flip side, it’s also a time that can leave furry friends like myself feel nervous or stressed.

Visitors are flowing in and out of my home

From a dog’s perspective, lots of people can often be very overwhelming. It’s easy for my human to get distracted, as well as getting excited around Christmas time. So, the best thing you can do is make sure all the guests know how to interact with me or any of my other four-legged friends.

If I’m a dog that’s nervous, then make sure friends and family are aware to let me come and say hello. Having my own safe space where I can retreat away to snooze and rest undisturbed will also make me feel much happier! How about giving me a nice chew toy or puzzle feeder to keep me contented while I’m away from all the hustle and bustle?

Turkey bones are an unsuspecting danger

Have you ever heard of the sentence, give the dog a bone? Well, if you’re thinking of giving me one, think again! Turkey bones are one of the many Christmas dangers for dogs. So as a result, dogs and turkey bones are not a good mix. These can cause me to be in pain and potentially an emergency visit to the vet when ingested, and we certainly don’t want that! My top tip for pet parents is to make sure these are disposed of and safely out of our reach.

And if me giving you my irresistible puppy dog eyes makes you want to give us a treat, there’s always other ways we can get tucked into our own Christmas dinner. Unseasoned turkey meat (without bones or skin), carrots, green beans and plain potato are OK, as a one off. Just beware that sudden changes in my diet might cause me to have a poorly stomach!

Dog watching its owner serve up Christmas dinner


Don’t leave me to my own devices, remember I’m still here!

Sometimes I can feel forgotten about, particularly when lots of people are visiting and I’m not getting their attention. From a dog's perspective, it feels like new people have entered my home and my parents no longer have me on their radar. And sometimes that’s okay, because it means we can get up to no good without being caught in the act! But especially for a nervous dog, being left to our own devices can lead to us feeling scared and uncomfortable. Regardless of how busy you are, remember to give us some love! Routine is a big part of our lives and nothing makes us dogs happy quite like our daily walks and playtime.

And don’t forget, you can always pop my ThunderShirt calming wrap on me. This will apply a gentle pressure which will reassure me and make me feel more comfortable.

Labrador with human in front of a Christmas tree.


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Now let’s talk about Christmas trees. To a pooch like me, they are rather interesting. They’re tall, colourful, with lots of lights and sparkle. And often, we can view this as something that looks good to chew on, something to play with, or even another a new place to mark our territory!

The ultimate accident we can make is knocking this over completely… But some pet parents are one step ahead of the game, with a smart little trick! Using a weighted base can help to stop this mishap from occurring.

And last but not least, beware of the Christmas tree dangers for dogs. After all, some fir trees can produce oils that can make us pooches poorly if we ingest them. The needles are also sharp which could hurt our paws. Keep an eye on us, and make sure we don’t get in too much trouble with these tall trees around!

Small brown dog in front of a Christmas tree.


Staying Calm this Christmas with ADAPTIL and ThunderShirt by ADAPTIL

So now you know more on Christmas day from a dog's perspective, this hopefully helps to highlight how us pooches feel lots of emotions on this day. If you are worried about how your own pup might cope with the festive season, contact your vet or speak to a qualified behaviourist beforehand to work out how best to look after us!

Remember, if you’re taking me away from home for the festive season, make sure to pack my bed and anything else to keep me comfy, like my ThunderShirt perhaps. You’ll want to make sure I stick to my usual diet too, otherwise I could be uncomfortable and potentially, very smelly! The other thing to bring along with you is the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser. This calming plug-in diffuser releases messages to me, and will to your furry friend too, which help us to feel relaxed. Particularly when I’m not snuggled up in my own home.

You can read more tips on how to have a calmer Christmas with your canine companion here. 

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