How to help if your is dog scared of the hoover

  1. Identify what noise is upsetting your dog

    • For the very sensitive ears of a dog, a modern house is full of scary (and much louder to them) noises!
    • It It may be the vacuum cleaner, the door bell, the smoke alarm, the microwave or even the coffee machine…

    Plus, what can start as one fear can
    build up to more. 

  2. Train your dog to cope with the scary noise

    • To begin the training you need the sounds, but start at very low level and from a distance. You could use a speaker to play the sound for you. E.g. baby crying noises
    • Associate the sound with a
      positive thing for your dog: food, toy, treat, stroke, praise...
      Repeat, repeat, repeat!
    • Our trainer's tip: Gradually increase the sound intensity, adapt the progression observing your dog reactions.
  3. Plug in an ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser to help your dog cope with noise

    • ADAPTIL Calm releases appeasing pheromones to create a safe and secure environment.
    • To help your dog cope with loud noises and during training.
    • Vet recommended calming solution.

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Tips to help your dog cope with fear of loud noises at home

Your dog has super hearing powers!

Our vet explains: Dogs ears are very sensitive: they can perceive high-pitched sounds that humans cannot hear. At these high frequencies, dogs can also detect sounds too quiet for humans to hear (like in the negative decibels range!).

This might explain how they are able to predict visitors’ arrival before everyone else in the house: they detect the sound of a car approaching before humans can hear it.

This also helps to understand why certain dogs can be so scared by everyday noises, like the vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, or power drill: not only will dogs hear these sounds louder than us, but they will also perceive high-pitched noises from these device that only they can detect.

How can you avoid that your dog becomes afraid of loud noises?

Read our [puppy tips] (link to page) to learn the benefits of early exposure to different stimulations.

What can you do if your dog is scared of loud noises?

  • You can try to limit your dog’s exposure to the scary sounds: for example, take your dog out for a walk while a family member is vacuuming the home.
  • You can train your dog to better cope with noises: progressive exposure, with lots of rewards and patience, can do a lot!

  • You can help your dog stay calm even when the house is full of loud noises:
  • Plug in ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser for constant support. The "appeasing pheromones" of ADAPTIL will help your dog feel calm and secure at home.
  • ThunderShirt: easy to wrap around your dog’s body, it will quickly calm your dog by applying a gentle, constant pressure.
  • ADAPTIL Chew, a calming tasty bites. Can also be used as a reward for sound training.


  1. For some dogs, loud noises can be terrifying

    • The simple sounds of daily life (hairdryer, loud TV, vacuum cleaner...),
    • The exceptionally scary noises of Fireworks or Thunderstorms,
    • Can cause severe fear to some dogs.
  2. Comfort your dog with ThunderShirt

    • When scary noises happen at home, wrap ThunderShirt around your dog's body.
    • ThunderShirt patented design provides a fast calming effect by applying a gentle, constant pressure, just like swaddling an infant.
  3. Combine with ADAPTIL Chew

    • Fast calming in a tasty bite.
    • Starts to work quickly.
    • Can help your dog cope better with sounds.
    • Use also as reward when your dog makes progress in coping with sound.
  4. You are not alone!

    • If your dog is very anxious, consider getting professional advice.
    • Ask your vet to check for any underlying medical issues.
    • Contact your local accredited dog trainer or behaviourist for advice and an individual management plan for your dog.

We recommend:

To wrap around your dog's body, for immediate calming effect

To combine with ThunderShirt for greater support in case of very anxious dog


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