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Coronavirus: Can my dog get infected with or spread the virus?

Written by Adaptil, published on April 18, 2023

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4 important answers to your questions about how to keep your (fur) family healthy and happy!

In this current global pandemic we are all facing very difficult times. We know that you will be worried about your family and friends and how to best care for your dog right now.

We are committed to helping dog parents through this challenge with answers to questions about healthcare and ways to keep your dog as happy as possible.

1. Can my dog get infected with or transmit COVID-19?

The good news is that so far, there are only 2 reported cases in the world of dogs testing positive for the virus, from infected owners. These are the only cases of human-to-dog transmission and so, it is extremely rare. There is still no evidence that dogs can transmit the virus to humans and it is important that owners should not worry unnecessarily.

But remember, as anything in your home, your dog fur is a surface that could carry the virus. So read carefully our hygiene tips below!

2. What can I do to keep my dog and my family healthy?

Hygiene rules!

To minimise any possible risk, follow the same hygiene practices with your pet as with other humans:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after each contact with your beloved pet
  2. Do not sneeze or cough in the environment, but into your arm
  3. Avoid wet kisses from your pet (and friends and relatives)
  4. Wash your dog's bedding and equipment regularly at hot temperatures
  5. Disinfect your dog's leashes after each walk

3. What can I do to keep my dog and myself happy in uncertain times?

Try not to panic! Stress is not good for anyone's health. Your dog will directly feel your worries and will suffer, too.

If possible, keep up the most of your daily routines. Your buddy is your personal therapy-dog: Cuddling, playing and spending mindful moments together with your beloved family is still the best therapy in uncertain times.

Petting your dog is not a risk factor, we recommend doing that regularly!

If you are staying home with your dog, share your stories on facebook with the #adaptilathome with us !

Stay safe!

The ADAPTIL team


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Following our expert tips will help to ensure your bond with your dog goes from strength to strength.

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