Natural Comfort for Dogs During Fireworks

The consistent bangs and bright, flashing lights of fireworks are stressful for many dogs.

ThunderShirt provides gentle, calming pressure around your dog’s torso, much like swaddling a baby.

This is proven to help soothe their anxiety when fireworks are happening.


This is how ThunderShirt was invented!

  • 15 years ago, Phil, Dosi's pet parent, invented the first ThunderShirt prototype to help her relax during thunderstormes
  • The original ThunderShirt was born. Pattented designed, validated by millions of dogs around the world!
ThunderShirt Calming Wrap

ThunderShirt Calming Wrap


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Tested and approved by dogs and their parents

The effect of gentle pressure has been demonstrated in dogs diagnosed with an anxiety issue*. Dogs wearing ThunderShirt were more relaxed than those without ThunderShirt when left alone for 15 minutes in a new environment - their heart rate went up less and they showed less stress-related behaviours. This showed that the use of a pressure wrap can promote relaxation for dogs when facing challenging situations.

In a survey of dog parents**, 87% reported an improvement in their dog's reaction to loud noises, whilst 77% reported their dog had coped better when wearing ThunderShirt during time home alone.

*King et al (2014) Journal of Vet Behavior 9:215-221

** ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety survey (2011) (total of 737 dogs loud noises, 222 home alone)

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Positive effect in keeping your dog calm during stressful situations

Helps with situations such as staying home alone or managing loud noises

The causes of pet anxiety are numerous.

These are some of the common causes of stress for our dogs and many of them need support.

  • Separation anxiety (being alone)
  • Loud noises like fireworks
  • Thunderstorms

ThunderShirt is proven to help relax dogs in theses situations.

How will ThunderShirt help my dog?

ThunderShirt is an amazing shirt that provides an innovative way to calm dogs thanks to a gentle and constant pressure applied
to the body of your dog.

This calming shirt is N°1 in the US and is now available in Europe.

Many dogs suffer from anxiety. The idea behind the ThunderShirt, a unique patented design calming vest, is that it works just like swaddling a baby or using a weighted blanket.

The pressure applied to your dog's body will reduce stress!

Proven to be effective in over 80% of cases, this unique jacket has been praised by owners and professionals when used for many reasons such as:

  • Stress-related barking
  • Loud noises: thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic…
  • Dogs left home alone
  • Travelling
  • Visits to the vets
  • Training sessions

What also makes it much loved by dog owners is the fact that it calms your dog immediately.

ThunderShirt is easy to use and super comfortable to wear. It has been designed to be simple to put on and take off. There is no need to pull anything over the dog’s head or to thread their legs through holes. It’s made from a soft washable fabric with a reflective strip.

Proven efficacy, so easy to use, praised by owners, dog trainers, vets.. SO many reasons to try ThunderShirt. It will make your dog even happier and relaxed during complicated situations!

Wrap your dog with Love!
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ThunderShirt Calming Wrap